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Jan started in energy conservation and weatherization when he was a partner in Central City Builders.  Building and developing in central Austin, the company built energy efficient homes using SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels).    From there Jan saw a greater need to weatherize older home and became a senior instructor teaching weatherization in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia and Kentucky. Critical Eye has all the experience, expertise and equipment to perform duct leakage tests, air leakage tests, combustion analysis, thermal imaging and full energy audits for your home.

DUCT LEAKAGE TEST We test how much the supply and return leak and know that the average leakage in Austin is approximately 27%.  That means almost 1/3 of your HVAC is leaving your ductwork.  We go beyond this by determining how much is leaving the thermal envelope (your homes interior).  Thats what counts! DU200

AIR LEAKAGE TEST This test determines air leakage to the outside of the thermal envelope. This can be reported in many different formats. This test can also tell you if your home is too tight, which is not healthy.

Tests to determine if gas appliances are operating properly with respect to venting, combustion air, backdrafting and negative or positive pressure zones.

Thermal imaging cameras are an indispensable tool in finding defects not visible to the human eye.  Infrared technology captures the light that exists just outside the visible spectrum.  It translates heat signatures of objects into colors on a gradient scale.  Higher temperatures are lighter and lower temperatures are darker.

• Energy Losses – when used with a blower door an IR camera will show air leaks in the building envelope, around windows, doors, floors, ceilings, electric boxes as well as broken window seals and missing insulation.
• Locate Moisture Intrusion – such as; plumbing leaks, hidden roof leaks, wet insulation, water intrusion in walls and around plumbing pipes.
• Locating Hot Electrical System “Hot Spots” – such as; circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement, overheated electrical equipment and discovering electrical faults before they cause a hazardous fire.
• Can also detect pest infestation, flue leaks which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, presence of intruders such as possums, armadillos, etc. that may be hiding under the structure or in an attic be seeing their heat signature.